Drontal Allwormer Tabs Small Dogs 4 Pack

Drontal Allwormer Tabs Small Dogs 4 Pack

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Each tablet contains Praziquantel 15mg, Pyrantel 14.9mg as embonate, Febantel 75mg

Drontal Allwormer tablets for Small Dogs and Puppies kill every type of intestinal worm found in Australian dogs, including roundworm, hookworm, whipworm and tapeworm. Drontal not only protects your dog from worms, it also provides protection for the whole family from gastrointestinal parasites.

Your veterinarian can also advise whether your dog needs Drontal Allwormer to control giardia, which causes diarrhoea in dogs.

Dose: For dogs 0.5-1.5kg bodyweight give half a tablet. For dogs 1.6-3kg body weight give 1 tablet. For dogs 3.1-6kg give 2 tablets. For dogs 6.1-9kg give 3 tablets.

Safe for treatment of puppies from 2 weeks of age, as well as lactating females. Pregnant females should only be treated 10 days before whelping

One tablet treats 3kgs bodyweight

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