United Pets Minu Covered Cat Litter Tray For Cats

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Lets talk cat business- litter-ally. The United Pets Minu Covered Cat Litter Box is a stylish, covered cat litter tray that neatly stores in any home. Made from polypropylene, this stylishly designed cat litter tray is great for your cat and easier for you. Available in 3 different colours.

Privacy- The litter tray is covered and comes with a flap door which allows privacy and comfort for your feline friend.

No Spills- The covered nature of the litter tray also stops litter from accidentally spilling out.

Great for Travel- Includes a convenient handle on top for easy transportation.

Easy Cleaning- Comes with a handy litter scoop and roll of poop bags to use when emptying the box – all conveniently stored. Each section of the litter tray can also be removed individually for extensive cleaning.

Carbon Filter- Assists with eliminating bad smells.

Materials: 100% polypropylene

Size Guide:
50 x 40 x 40 cm

Litter Capacity: 10 kg

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