Prozym Dental Sticks

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Low fat chews contain grain, polyols and RF2



Bad breath in dogs can be a sign of dental disease. The exclusive active ingredient RF2 in Prozym Dental Sticks eliminates biofilm caused by the bacteria in the mouth of dogs. Biofilm is the first stage of dental plaque, so treating it early can prevent more serious problems.

The unique star shape of Prozym Dental Sticks guarantees a longer chew time, which helps fight plaque and tartar through more direct contact with the stick.



To clean teeth and prevent biofilm build-up and bad breath in dogs.



Give dogs one stick per day to chew on after a meal. Ensure they always have fresh drinking water. If you are concerned regarding your dog’s dental hygiene please ask your vet for advice



Available in 2 sizes:

Small to medium dogs (0-20kg) - contains 12 Chews

Large dog (+20kg) - contains 12 Chews

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