Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic Dog Treats

Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic Dog Treats

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Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic Canine Treats are tasty, healthy and rewarding treats for adult dogs to support healthy weight loss and weight maintenance. Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic Canine Treats are a great complement for dogs being fed Hill's Prescription Diet™ Metabolic Canine pet food, Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic Plus Mobility, Hill's Prescription Diet r/d Canine or Hill's Prescription Diet w/d Canine.

Additional info:

Please consult your veterinarian for further information on how our Hill's™ Prescription Diet and Hill's Science Diet foods can help your dog maintain happiness and a healthy weight for life.

Proprietary bundle of synergistically effective nutrients High Provides appetite regulation and improves energy metabolism.
Fibre High Soluble and insoluble fibre to trigger satiety, control appetite, and maintain gastrointestinal health.
Antioxidants Added Defend cells from free radical oxidation, promoting a healthy immune system.

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