Beco Place Mat For Dogs and Cats

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A mat to stop your dog’s bowl from slipping and sliding around as they eat. Made from food-grade BPA silicone, this mat grips onto the floor to keep dinner in one place. The raised edge helps to catch any spillages keeping dinner time as tidy as pawsible. This mat is dishwasher friendly and wipes clean easily.

Anti-Slip- The Beco Dinner Time BPA-Free Placemat has full contact with the ground and grips tightly, perfect for excited diners. Its raised edges help to secure the bowl in place and catch any spillages.

BPA Free Silicone- Made from BPA-free silicone, this mat won’t be leaking any chemical nasties into your dog’s food. 

Highly Durable- Silicone can withstand fluctuating temperatures and constant flex without losing its shape, meaning it will last for years. It's also waterproof so a great way to protect your floor from any spills.

Easy Clean- Keeping dinner time as tidy as possible, this mat is dishwasher friendly and wipes clean easily.

BPA free, Food Grade Quality Silicone.

49 x 1 x 28cm

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