Beco Bowl For Cats

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The Beco Sustainable Bamboo Cat Bowl is the pur-fect food and water bowl. Created using sustainable, natural materials such as bamboo, cornstarch and rice husks, it's tough and versatile and will last a lifetime. The natural strength of bamboo makes it as durable as plastic alternatives. Designed with rubber feet to stop it from sliding and a low rim to prevent whiskers from getting caught, it's the perfect way to maximise your cats' enjoyment during dinnertime. Natural food dyes are used to create bright colour options.

Made from Natural Materials- Made from sustainable natural materials such as Bamboo fibres which are blended with rice husks, a by-product of rice farming, to create this food and water bowl. The natural strength of bamboo makes it as tough and hard-wearing as plastic alternatives.

Designed for Cats- Cats like it natural so no lacquers or plastics are used on this bowl. The low edge means whiskers don’t get crushed.

Anti-Skid- Designed with rubber feet to stop it from sliding.

Easy Clean- Keeping dinner time as tidy as possible, this bowl is dishwasher friendly and wipes clean easily.

Bamboo Powder, PLA resin (plant-based material), Cornstarch, Bran Coat/Rice Husks.

Product Care:
Wash regularly in warm soapy water.
Dishwasher friendly - top shelf, low temperature.

Outer Diameter: 17cm
Capacity: 0.25L

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